Live music at the Wakes in association with Pale Fire Music and the West Midland Jazz network. Thanks also to Wynn Foundation for the funding to purchase an in house PA system for our wonderful community focused live music venue. 

Judas Johnson and Jester - Original Rock Gems from two of your favourite three piece outfits

Judas Johnson and Jester cancelled and will be re-scheduled

 In association with Pale Fire Music we are proud to announce First Mate playing live at Forge at The Wakes

Influences: Old Time Country & Western, Mexican folk music, Eastern European folk music, 90's alternative guitar music, punk rock, Silvio Rodriguez and Brian Eno.

The predominant musical influence in creating the songs on First Mate was a country and western compilation cassette, left behind in the tape player by the previous owner of a '99 Skoda Felicia I bought last year. It featured the likes of Martyn Robbins, Jim Reeves, Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson and inspired me to take a stripped-back and heartfelt approach to the song writing and production on this album.


This no-frills methodology proved to be the perfect way to channel what had been on my mind. There was no interweaving concept in the traditional sense, other than trying to get back to a basic and exposed sound in order to better express complicated emotions. The songs on my previous albums have featured implicit stream-of-consciousness lyrics". First Mate consists of narrative-based fables, which are both surreal as well as inspired by real life.

Smelly Cat Club (support band)

Music described as 'urban folk' or 'geeky folk' about everyday subjects from different angles. Some of the songs are seen as 'funny', maybe 'quirky' 

Tickets for sale online at

First Mate and Smelly Cat Club 25th April

Saxophonist and composer Mark Lockheart first came to prominence in the mid 1980s with the influential big band Loose Tubes. In 1992 Mark formed the eclectic co-led quartet Perfect Houseplants, a group that released six albums and collaborated with classical artists such as the Orlando Consort, Andrew Manze and Pamela Thorby.


Mark Lockheart Cancelled and will be re-scheduled

 In association with Pale Fire Music we are proud to announce Kornastone playing live at The Wakes

Kornastone are Wolverhampton and Shropshire
based musicians Dave Lawrence, Jamie Davey,
Martin Ratcliffe, Keith Allen and Stuart Ward.
They draw on classic folk, Country, Trad Rock and
Americana influences, and produce beautiful

After leaving school in the late 1970's, Dave and Jamie formed a band and started writing original songs. A few live shows were performed and the band generated interest from EMI Records following demo recordings being made at Zella Studio Edgbaston. However, due to changes in the band's circumstances the decision was made to put things on the back burner for a little while.

Dave and Jamie continued writing songs and performed as a duo, often joining other artists on tour such as Raymond Froggatt. Jamie also became friends with the legendary songwriter Clifford T. Ward and performed many shows and wrote songs with him,

Dave continued songwriting too and attained several awards for his songs. Despite their individual ventures, the duo continued to write and record songs together over a 30 year period.

In January 2018, the duo were asked to record some of their songs with top producer Gavin Monaghan.

Please note this event sold out quickly when last at The Wakes

Tickets available online at

Kornastone and Fergus Ried 27th June

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