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About Us and our work

'We were not surprised that someone told us recently that they had not spoken to anyone in 10 days, or that the same man comes into Forge every morning from having slept on the street and grabs his free toast and tea and that our free social community activities really help to change lives.    But as we know providing free arts and craft, food, time for a chat, support to feel valued or to 'have a go' does cost money, we have to pay our rent, utilities and we have staff as well as volunteers to keep in place if we really want to make that difference.    Whilst we have a cafe in the community we do so much more for the local area so help us carry on this valued work by supporting us through the Telford and Wrekin Community Lottery.   Help us via TWINCL Go to


Forge Urban Revival is a fresh food community cafe in The Wakes, Oakenagates we are a profit for purpose organisation.  Our cafe is fab, led by an award winning baker and provides a full range of food all made in our kitchens to meet a wide food choice.  

FORGE RECEIVES QUEENS AWARD FOR VOLUNTARY COMMUNITY SERVICE for our work in tackling social isolation and improving mental well-being. 

We run many activities and events, including live music, dining, workshops, fayres, activities the list goes on.  We use any profits to support our community work including our social and environmental  objectives.


We provide food socials, free meet-ups, loads of free art and craft sessions, we also run For the Record, the Telford Repair Cafe and opportunities to recycle and renew, we provide company, direct people to services, provide practical support to get a job and have time to chat.  I lost my son in law two years ago, just a young man to mental health challenges what often helped him was not the mental health services provision but somewhere he could go to enjoy, engage in and have someone to chat to.  Help us at Forge to continue to provide this sort of activity in the community.

Forge was designed, planned and started by a local  group of people keen to make a difference to urban spaces.  Led by Ann Johnson Forge started up in 2016 in Wellington and then Oakengates. 

Ann a fellow of the College of Social \Entreprenaurs and an  independant wheelchair user remains at the helm of Forge. Whilst the award winning baker/cook Karin Clarke manages and runs Oakengates Forge.   We have a great team of staff and a valued group of volunteers supporting our work. 

Forge has been supported financially in its work by the Small Post Code Lottery; Big Lottery Awards for All; Telford and Wrekin Council; Veolia and Wynn Foundation

Others have supported our work which is just as valued including Oakengates Town Council, The Place; Community Catalysts

Forge has been recognised through:​

  • The Queens Award for Voluntary Service

  • Pride in your high street award funding from Telford and Wrekin Council

  • Being asked to speak at conferences 

  • 5 Star rating for our kitchen/food preparation

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